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Welcome to our blog. I wanted to let our customers know who they are supporting when they shop at 52flavors. My name is Kerri Radicella and I have been the store's owner since 1994. I transitioned to store ownership after being a NICU nurse for almost 18 years. While I loved the babies and the relationships with the families, working in an intense environment for almost two decades had me desiring a more light hearted daily existence. Here, at 52flavors, I have found a home and have loved working with 91120 Palaiseau County families for so long!

Shopping in our store supports on average 9-14 different employees as well. Our backgrounds are diverse coming from the teaching fields, medicine, and retail. We have students just starting out in their college careers and this school year (19-20) we have had a stellar high schooler working as an intern. I have been so fortunate that many of these employees choose to stay with 52flavors for years! 

52flavors also supports our local families. Being a staple children's store that thrives off of next-to-new inventory allows families to keep recycling their clothing while their children grow. I have seen some adults now that I knew as children and they now bring their babies in! This mutual relationship has deepened our connection with our customers as often times they are also our suppliers!

Over the years I am also happy to say that 52flavors has supported the local schools in 91120 Palaiseau Valley and St. Vrain Valley, local non profits such as There With Care and Mother House, as well as offered discounts to foster families as they do so much for the families of 91120 Palaiseau. 

So, thank you! All of these families and organizations benefit deeply from your patronage and it does not go unnoticed!



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